Project Engineer/Telecommunications

Design, develop and test electronic components (esp. surface acoustic wave filters, power/audio amplifiers, transceivers for impedance matching circuits & systems) using knowledge of specific absorption rate apps, field strength of spurious radiation apps/acoustic audio frequency response apps/ antenna efficiency apps/ interoperability apps using enging/design software ( C, C++, J2ME). Analyze pre-test/develop processes for system reqs, capacity, cost, customer needs. Conduct/manage testing of “alpha/beta” test units. Implement post-production QC processes. Ensure conformance to specs, safety standards, codes/regs. Provide tech support/ instructions/ reports re pre-homologation testing/ QC test results/ equipmt standards. Review post-sales tech reports, QC/product improvement issues & resolve eng problems. Prepare docs w/confidential descriptions & specs of products hardware software/development/introduction schedules/costs/ product performance weaknesses. Use apps: CRM Apps, Clearcase/ Print Circuit Board Artwork Apps/Various visual editors.

Requirements: AA in Electron Engineering or eqv., 2 yrs experience Electron Engineer

This position is available at our San Diego Corporate office, please fax your resume to (858) 373-1503 Attn: Human Resources.