Sustainability Efforts

InfoSonics Corporation, provider of verykool mobile phones and accessories, strives to be a responsible corporate citizen. As a multi-national company with operations in over 20 countries and on 5 continents, we feel a responsibility toward the communities where we operate, as well as a responsibility as a global corporate citizen.

With that in mind, the Company has taken many steps to improve its carbon footprint and minimize waste and other pollution including the following:


  1. Reduced packaging sizes – We have made a conscious effort over the recent past to reduce the size of our wireless handset packaging.  Depending on the model and accessories involved, we have reduced packaging size from 25% to 40%.  This not only reduces the amount of materials involved, but also enables us to ship greater volumes in each shipment which in turn reduces the carbon footprint of our business.
  2. On-line user manuals – We have further changed our packaging to eliminate “printed” user manuals (where it is permitted by local laws).  Where possible, we now include only printed “quick product guides” and direct end users to our website where they may electronically download user manuals.
  3. Changes to plastic materials in production – Our goal is to use recycled plastic in our manufacturing process or at a minimum use plastic that can be recycled. We have already introduced several models utilizing recycled plastic. We will continue to study ways to incorporate this improvement in other models in the future.
  4. Elimination of printed catalogs – For the most part, we have eliminated the use of paper catalogs for sales and marketing efforts.  The majority of our catalogs and presentation materials are now transmitted electronically or on-line.
  5. Changes to shipping policies – In order to further reduce overall emissions and reduce costs, when possible we ship product from our manufacturers via ship transportation.
  6. Energy savings in China R&D and manufacturing facilities– Our development team and production factories are located in China where air quality and consistency of electrical power is a concern.  In order to do our part to improve air quality and reduce power consumption, our factories are shut down 2 days per week on average and thermostats in our development offices are adjusted to minimize the use of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter months.
  7. In all our locations, we encourage our employees to car pool or use public transportation where practicable.
  8. We encourage end-users, distributors and service centers of our verykool products to recycle old products by bringing them to recycling centers.  In the future, we plan to develop a recycling plan in which we will discount new phones if the consumer trades in an older product.