Press Releases

10/29/14 InfoSonics Rolls Out Two 5.5-Inch Phablets: the verykool® s5510 and s5511

09/02/14 InfoSonics Reveals Its First LTE Smartphone: the verykool® SL5000 ‘Quantum’

08/14/14 InfoSonics Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

05/21/14 InfoSonics Unveils its Most Feature-Rich Smartphone: the verykool® s505 Spark with Next-Gen Safety Capabilities

05/13/14 InfoSonics Reports First Quarter 2014 Results

11/06/13InfoSonics Reports Third Quarter 2013 Results – Profitability on 84% Increase in Sales

10/06/11 InfoSonics Launches the New verykool® i285 Touch Screen Phone

10/04/11 InfoSonics Granted Extension By NASDAQ

9/14/11 InfoSonics Launches the World’s Slimmest* Slider QWERTY Touch Screen Phone

6/30/11 Infosonics Launches the New, verykool® i610 handset

6/16/11 Infosonics Launches the New, Affordable i310 Flip Phone

6/09/11 Infosonics Launches New Affordable Water Resistant R13 Phone

5/25/11 InfoSonics Launches New Economical PDA-like i277 2G Touch Screen Phone In Latin America

5/19/11 InfoSonics Launches New Ultra Compact i315 2GB Phone In Latin America

5/16/11 InfoSonics Reports First Quarter 2011 Results

4/14/11 InfoSonics Launches R80 Rugged Phone In Latin America

3/31/11 InfoSonics Reports Fourth Quarter 2010 Results

3/17/11 InfoSonics Launches New S810 3G Phone In Latin America

2/02/11 Infosonics Regains Compliance With NASDAQ Rule 5550, $1.00 Minimum Bid Requirement

1/05/11 Infosonics Ships Its R80 Rugged, ‘Survival’ Phone to Customer in India

11/11/10 Infosonics Reports Third Quarter 2010 Results

11/03/10 Infosonics Receives NASDAQ Extension and Transfers to NASDAQ Capital Market

10/19/10 Infosonics Launches New R80 Rugged, “Survival” Phone in Asia Pacific

8/16/10 Infosonics Reports Second Quarter 2010 Results

7/26/10 InfoSonics Appoints Vern LoForti as Chief Financial Officer

5/06/10 InfoSonics Enters into Agreement to Establish Wireless Handset Engineering and Design Facility in China

2/24/10 InfoSonics Delivers the Verykool i270, a new Touch Screen Model

1/12/10 InfoSonics Extends its Distribution Agreement with Samsung for Argentina and Uruguay Through December 2010

12/16/09 InfoSonics Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer and Appointment of Interim Chief Financial Officer

11/16/09 InfoSonics Reports Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results

11/04/09 InfoSonics Introduces the verykool(r) i305 in Central America

10/02/09 InfoSonics Unveils the i280 verykool TV Phone

8/13/09 InfoSonics Reports Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results

7/20/09 InfoSonics Begins Shipping the i300 and i410; its Latest Generation verykool(r) Wireless Handsets

7/08/09 InfoSonics Regains Compliance With NASDAQ Listing Rules